you know a person is brilliant when you've only read the first page and a half of the prologue of their book and you've spent three days chewing on it, wishing you could digest.

abraham joshua heschel authored a book called 'the sabbath' and i haven't gotten far into it. i may not read more. haha, no, i will! but here's something that made me think...something i've a had a lot trouble with has been's a man who put it into words some 60 year ago.

heschel says:
"indeed, we know what to do with space but do not know what to do about time, except to make it subservient to space. most of us seem to labor for the sake of things of space. as a result we suffer from a deeply rooted dread of time and stand aghast when compelled to look into its face. time to us is sarcasm, a slick treacherous monster with a jaw like a furnace incinerating every moment of our lives. shrinking, therefore, from facing time, we escape for shelter to things of space. the intentions we are unable to carry out we deposit in space; possessions become the symbols of our repression, jubilees of frustrations. but things of space are not fireproof; they only add fuel to the flames. is the joy of possession an antidote to the terror of time which grows to be a dread of inevitable death? things, when magnified, are forgeries of happiness, they are a threat to our very lives; we are more harassed than supported by the frankensteins of spatial things.
it is impossible for man to shirk the problem of time...the higher goal of spiritual living is not to amass a wealth of information, but to face sacred moments."
p. 5-6 The Sabbath by Heschel

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Thanks for this Heschel quote Aaron, it needs some gnawing at.
I just listened to a podcast on Abraham Joshua Heschel's life that I found beneficial to my existence. You can find it here on Krista Tippetts speaking of faith-
You know what's interesting if Martin Luther King Jr. had not been murdered that day- april 4th 1968, he would have eaten Passover Sedar with Abraham Joshua Heschel's house. Fascinating!
wow that's sad...well, i'll grab that podcast - thanks so much for sharing!


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