New Christmas! Full-length out, just in time me thinks!

A Merry Christmas to you!
Well, after having so much fun making and releasing the “Christmas! EP”, I decided to record a full length album, simply called “Christmas!” and I do think you’ll really love it, for MANY reasons, some of which are listed below:
1. BONUS ZIP-PRESENT: When you get the full album, you also get a sweet lyric sheet to sing along with, the album cover, a super awesome Christmas card from me in a forest of poinsettias (I like to call it Strump-settia-Awesomeness), AND “A Continuous LIstening Experience Long Play MP3″ is included with no track breaks, songs interwoven, the absolute BEST way to listen.
2. DOVE: A favorite from my Enter the Worship Circle Chair and Mic, has been full-out produced and a new verse written for this album…so good!
3. KARLA ADOLPHE: The Flowery Folk Canadian Diva is featured on Silent Night and all over the project. (subconscious plug: The Emporiums are coming your way!)
4. RELEVANT MAGAZINE happened to put one of the songs on their Christmas Best-Of Mixes for 2010!
5. EIGHT BONES ($8) until Christmas and has pine trees on the cover, 8 brand new songs and two re-worked from the EP.

Download, freshen your playlist, enjoy, love,Aaron
p.s. “Like” it on Facebook, blog it, tweet it, dance to it at your Christmas Sweater Parties.

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