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At 7:58am on August 26, 2009, Tim Coons said…
Sir, I'd like to facilitate something alongside what we talked about for The Psalms Project this fall. A few writers working on a Psalm together? or presenting different takes on one Psalm along with artwork and such? How could we get that rolling?

Also, I'm planning on seeing you soon... Let's talk about that...
At 11:00am on August 23, 2009, Jenny Foster-Stewart said…
send on over elephants and espoir and a bit of that welcome wagon please...this site is cool, looks pretty rad, I hope your british trip is going lovely!! Loads of LOVE to you fadels!!!!
At 8:41am on August 21, 2009, Paul Romig-Leavitt said…
Hey Todd, How's it going across the pond?
I'm interested in being one of your facilitators but I don't how to do it. if you give me a good idea of what it entails, I'm down.
At 6:27am on August 21, 2009, A. Bogs said…
Hey Todd, Thanks for setting this up! Blessings!
At 4:45pm on August 20, 2009, johnny newport said…
i'd like to listen to ELEPHANTS and ESPOIR... and i'd love me some Welcome Wagon! Thanks!
At 10:38am on July 14, 2009, driverlikejehu said…
Hey Todd- I'd love to listen to Elephants...
At 10:50pm on July 13, 2009, Kevin Thompson said…
Hey whats up man? I met you at the Bridge on Sunday and you told me to message you about the George Fox people as well as about that internship you were talking about. You can email me back if you want:
At 9:25am on July 10, 2009, Alex said…
I’d like to listen to ELEPHANTS and ESPOIR, .. please!
At 3:40pm on June 16, 2009, cetangen said…
I'd love, love, love me some ESPOIR, pleeze!
And that doesn't mean that I don't love me some ELEPHANTS...I do actually already love some ELEPHANTS. Amazing, fantastic, phantasmagorical stuff, that ELEPHANTS!
At 9:52am on June 16, 2009, Irene Svozilik said…
i'd like to listen to ELEPHANTS and ESPOIR, please:)
At 9:23pm on June 14, 2009, toddberger said…
and what's up with "jesus tells me to brush my teeth"? that's awesome.
At 9:23pm on June 14, 2009, toddberger said…
could you check out my song many afflictions i've posted to my profile?
At 12:47pm on June 14, 2009, emma june said…
i'd love me some welcome wagon.
At 12:33pm on May 23, 2009, Bryan Fulton said…
I'd love me some Welcome Wagon.
At 12:50pm on May 19, 2009, toddberger said…
I'd love to see you hack this up, dice, slice, and chainsaw. By the way, I'd love to come up to portland for you and I to collaborate closely on a few tracks for the next village. I have a more clear picture of how to get it done. I really love what came of elephants and the influence you brought. And I'd just love to have more interesting conversations with you to have more crazy good times.
At 8:19pm on May 17, 2009, toddberger said…
remix this brotha!
At 8:09pm on May 17, 2009, Joel K said…
I'd very much like to hear the new Strumpel. We're still enjoying Welcome Wagon; have taught one of the songs to our band.
Thanks much!
At 6:14pm on May 13, 2009, toddberger said…
hot cake 'neath my chin
can't find the fork to jus dig in
and so I rest my chin there yon
and wear the chocolate s'ryp crown.
At 6:12pm on May 13, 2009, toddberger said…
i been listenin to the AOF cd and digging it. better late than never eh?
At 1:37pm on May 8, 2009, Paul Castle said…
"i'd like to listen to ELEPHANTS and ESPOIR, please" Those two tracks are great! I wanna hear more! I already have the Welcome Wagon album; love it!

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